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Who is hiring and how to apply for a job


By Blake Kebblewhite

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a step in a new direction, people are looking to the future to try and secure a job. 

The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) recently released data showing that jobs decreased by 6% in the first month of the outbreak. 

“The largest impact of net job losses, in percentage terms, was for people aged under 20, for whom jobs decreased by 9.9%,” ABS Head of Labour Statistics, Bjorn Jarvis, said. 

As the ongoing pandemic continues, the unemployment numbers will continue to rise.

“Looking at the week-to-week changes, the decrease in jobs in the week ending 4 April 2020 was 5.5%, significantly larger than the 0.5% decrease in the week ending 28 March 2020,” Mr Jarvis said.

With economic stability needed now more than ever, how do you as an unemployed individual take the next step to secure yours? 

Searching for a new job can be challenging, tough and frustrating, so here are some key steps to help you to secure an economically healthy future:

Who is hiring?

According to Linkedin data, these companies are currently hiring:

How to apply?

If you are interested in any of the above companies, press their link to take a step further in securing your future.

Before you apply make sure you read the blurb, do your research, answer all the questions, use the right keywords, take time to consider your cover letter, choose appropriate referees, treat online forms the same as hard copy forms and do a final check.

How to write a cover letter?

Your cover letter is an opportunity to reveal why you are passionate about the position, introducing highlights of your key accomplishments and qualifications for a job opening.

For more information on how to write the perfect cover letter, follow this link:

As you read this today and you think what is next for you in the year 2020, understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is just a small roadblock in your life and career.

Never give up and know that your skills and expertise are needed by companies throughout Australia looking to rebuild through one of the toughest times in Australia’s economic history. 

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