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Unions release plan for two million jobs in Australia


By Juliano Oliveira

ACT (Australian Council of Trade Unions) has called on Federal Government for the adoption of an eight-point plan considered vital for the resumption of the economy.

“We have released a comprehensive blueprint for rebuilding the economy and restoring jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis,” said Michele O’Neil president of the entity.

“Before the virus, we were living with the devastating effects of thirty years of trickle-down economics: a decimated social safety net, millions of people in insecure work, and stagnant wage growth.”

The council claims that their eight-point plan may help with the creation of “two million new secure jobs and the halving of job insecurity”.

Eight-point plan:

  1. Improve the quality and security of jobs by halving the number of insecure jobs and increasing by 2 million the number of permanent jobs.
  2. Lift wages and living standards.
  3. Strengthen and invest in public and community services that are our first line of defence against ‘shocks’ like COVID-19, bushfires and drought.
  4. Support nation-building projects that create decent jobs and set Australia up for a brighter future.
  5. Education and training.
  6. Deal with the crisis of climate change.
  7. Improve social, health and economic outcomes for people and communities that experience disadvantage.
  8. Embrace industry policy and ‘Australian made’.

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