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Top 20 most-needed roles in Australia


By Juliano Oliveira

COVID-19 has transformed the perspectives and lives of thousands of workers around the globe.

The word of the moment is “adaptation” as companies are trying to get back onto their feet and tool the damages so far. This movement has a direct impact on the employees future.

According to, the huge pressure on the healthcare system and growth in parcel delivery during COVID-19 are two key factors shaping the most-needed roles in Australia right now.

“Some frontline workers in hospitals and aged care may also be dropping out of the industry because of the strain,” says Ivan Colhoun, Chief Economist at NAB.

Mr Colhouns suggests that another path for those looking for a professional position is on online sales and distribution, especially after lockdown restrictions.

“There was more online activity with many stores having to close their doors and increase their e-commerce focus,” he says. “That has a flow-on effect for logistics as well, as more people are needed for warehousing and then for home delivery.”

Most-needed jobsCurrent rankChange since Feb
Nursing-All roles10
Warehousing, Storage & Distribution2+4
Aged & Disability Support3+5
Automotive Trades4+3
Administrative Assistants5-3
Sales Representatives / Consultants6-3
Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation7+2
Childcare & Outside School Hours Care8+4
Chefs / Cooks9-4
Retail Assistants100
Developers / Programmers11-7
Mining – Engineering & Maintenance12+2
Road Transport14+12
Psychology, Counselling & Social Work15+9
Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services17+22
Plant & Machinery Operators18+20
Business / Systems Analysts19-8
Mining – Operations20+8


Dan Hobson, Director of Hobson Health Recruitment, recommends to the candidates, when applying for healthcare roles, to prioritize the commitment to supporting the health of others.

“Especially in nursing sectors such as aged care, community care and emergency departments or ICU,” he says. “Also, showcase all the skills you’ve developed during your career,” he adds.

To stand out for roles in road transport or warehousing, storage and distribution, Tim James, Managing Director of Hays, says there are key qualities to highlight in the application.

“Highlighting achievements that demonstrate an improvement in efficiencies, such as forecast accuracy, labour management and on-time delivery, along with examples of how you have reduced operating costs, will help you stand out from the crowd,” he says.

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