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Today is the day. May I ask if you are ok?


By Juliano Oliveira

Bushfire and COVID-19 are the two major examples of an unthinkable year that has just reached its ninth month.

And, I’m sorry if I have not asked you yet, but are you ok?

It has been a tough period, full of ups and downs, I know. Am I answering you correctly? Because I comprehend that we need to encourage as much Australians as possible to learn what to say if someone in their life tells they are not OK.

Today is the R U OK?DAY 2020

R U OK? CEO, Katherine Newton says 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and circumstances have made it even more important for us all to stay connected.

“In the words of our late founder, Gavin Larkin, R U OK?Day is a day to think about someone other than yourself and, if you are well and able, be willing to support those around you who might be struggling,” said Ms Newton. “But we also acknowledge that sometimes you might feel a little uncomfortable or awkward if someone says they’re not okay.

“That’s an understandable reaction and it’s why this year we’re reminding Australians there’s more to say after R U OK? and encouraging them to learn what to say next,” said Ms Newton.

“It’s important we know how to keep the conversation going because a conversation really can change a life.”

Coincidently, this year R U OK?Day matches with World Suicide Prevention Day.

What can I do?

There is an interactive video where people can freely access digital resources designed to build the confidence and skills to deepen a conversation with someone who might be struggling.

The R U OK?Day will also offer COVID-19 related material and virtual activities that will be hosted by suicide prevention networks, social and sports clubs, community groups, workplaces and schools across the nation to mark this national day of action.

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