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Tips: isolation boredom busters for all


By April Murph

COVID-19 has forced Australia to experience a temporary and unfamiliar lifestyle. Social restrictions have kept everybody home and for some, it’s now getting to the stage where the creative ideas to cure boredom are running thin.

There are plenty of resources online that can help alleviate some of the pressure in entertaining the children and ourselves. 

You can find some innovative ideas for boredom busters that will entertain the whole family on websites like or

A few family activities that you may not have thought of yet are:

Set up an obstacle course around the yard. Time each person doing the course and then the person with the best time doesn’t have to help clean up

Do a family fashion parade, wearing each other’s clothing

Make smoothies together

Create your own “Minute to Win It” challenges, for everyone to try.

If the kids have also run out of ideas to amuse themselves on their own and the phrase “What can we do?” is ringing in your ears, then these ideas might help fill in some time:

Grab all the pillows in the house. Place one pillow in the middle of the hallway and get the kids to jump over it. One by one. Stack the pillows on top of each other and get the kids to try jumping over the pile without knocking down the pillows

Tape some brown paper on the ground outside, tape the kid’s hands and feet in bubble wrap and then get them to dip their hands and feet in paint. The children can create a unique art piece on the brown paper with their paint coated, bubble wrapped, hands and feet.

“Glitter Slow Motion Movies, TikTok challenges and home-made jelly fruits are some of the ways I have been entertaining my children during isolation,” says mum of two, Michelle Russell from Shailer Park.

So, what about quality time with our partners? Clinical Psychologist and Author, Marianne Brandon writes on the “Psychology Today” website about how we can maintain our relationships during the lockdown.

She says that we are living the perfect storm of increased stress, limited room to move, and fewer distractions than we are used to. “Feeling a lack of control in our lives may make us inclined to want to control others. Stress and tension close our hearts and our bodies,” says Marianne.

Marianne lists several tips on how to get through quarantine without damaging our relationships. She suggests strategies such as making time for alone time, to stop talking and just be together and to remember the power of a simple touch such as holding hands or cuddling on the couch.

Style Magazine has published on their website four great ideas for date nights during isolation.  

We also need to remember to try and maintain our own mental health during COVID 19. You can find resources and tips on the Beyond Blue website, that assist in looking after yourself while in isolation.

Some ideas to fill in some time are:

Start an Isolation Journal. Include photographs, recipes and anything material that might have been part of your day, such as a feather you found on your daily walk

Write letters to the elderly

Be creative: Paint draw or make a scrapbook

Hello Magazine has also published 33 great ideas to keep yourself busy during isolation, on their website

Another great place for ideas is the Red Cross website. They have published an abundance of tips to stay happy and hopeful during isolation, no matter your circumstances.

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