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Streaming service offers educational content to kids


By April Murphy

Parents are not only concerned about the impact COVID-19 has had on their children’s schooling but also on future job prospects.

“After an incredibly disruptive school year, and COVID-19 reinforcing just how much our future will continue to change, kids need to be nurturing and honing their digital literacy skills to ensure they are future job-ready,” says Adam Jacobs, Managing Director of digital literacy streaming service, Codeflix and Junior Engineers.

A survey of young Australian’s aged 6 to 13 years says that youth are now spending more time online than watching television.

“It’s been coming for a while, but it was about mid-2016 when the internet finally overtook television in terms of time spent,” Sean Ellis, a researcher with Roy Morgan, said.

The Roy Morgan research shows over 14.5 million Australians now have access to some form of Pay TV/Subscription TV, up 8.2% on a year ago. The combined audience for these services is almost 70% of the Australian population, as new Subscription TV services Apple TV+ and Disney+ enter the market.

Codeflix, an online learning platform, is suggesting to parents to switch their children from streaming movies to something that is going to benefit them in the future.

Children can build and code cool robots, create video games, hack Minecraft, develop awesome mods in Roblox, build apps, websites and more.

All of the content on the platform has been developed by qualified educators offering kids the ultimate online experience.

“Codeflix is Australia’s only digital literacy streaming service that develops skills in coding, robotics and all things tech – precisely what the kids of today will need as adults of the future,” said Adam Jacobs.

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