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State ease social restrictions on Mother’s Day


By Juliano Oliveira

In another step of easing distancing restrictions in Queensland, the State Government has allowed up to five members of a household to visit another house on Mother’s Day.

“One family, up to five people, can go and visit another family. That’s important, it is about two households coming together and I don’t think that will increase risk,” Chief Medical Officer Jeannette Young said.

Despite the loosening of some restraints, multiple visits by households at the same time are not allowed.

“You can split up. Lots of mom’s out there who would love to see one household in the morning, another in the afternoon and another in the evening. That could happen, but they can’t all go at the same time.”

Ms Young also asked people to respect social distancing when visiting friends or family. “When you go and visit because we all want to keep our mums safe…I know I do…it’s a good idea to just delay those hugs until we get through all this.”

The new rule applies to friends visits as long as everyone keeps a 1.5-metre distance from one another. The 50-kilometre limit on travel is also being lifted.

“We need to maintain social distance. If you visit, you can’t go out into that community. You can’t go shopping, you can’t go to the beach,” she said.

The eased restrictions will remain in place after Mother’s Day if the situation of the current cases regarding COVID-19 not worsen.

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