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Special guide with all the 86 councillor candidates

By Juliano Oliveira

As the elections are set to be on March 28, SolutionWire brings to you a special guide with all the 86 councillor candidates, their parties and political platforms.

All the politicians are divided into regions of their respective wards. Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in Australia with 26 wards and 27 councillor positions. You can check the map of your area here.

The names with the * symbol referer to the current councillors. Only for the Jamboree Ward, the * does not appear – the current councillor, Matthew Bourke (Liberal), is retiring.

To know more about the candidates’ background and propositions, just click on their names.

According to the Local Government Act 2009, councillors are responsible for strategic vision and planning for the future of the local government area to deliver outcomes for their community. They are not responsible for the day-to-day administration of the council, operational matters, or overseeing the work done by local government employees. This is the role of the CEO and senior staff.

“As an elected representative a councillor is to be an active and contributing member of the local government, to make considered and well-informed decisions as a member of the council and advocate on behalf of constituents.”

“As elected representatives, councillors are required to attend local government meetings (unless granted leave not to attend). It is in meetings that councillors participate in discussion and debate on a wide variety of issues to make decisions representing the overall public interest of the local government area.”

“While an individual councillor’s role and responsibilities are significant, it is important to note that local government decisions are taken by a majority vote of elected members (i.e. at local government and committee meetings).”

How to cast your vote
Voting is compulsory at all three levels of government in Queensland. There are many ways you can cast your vote, even if you’re overseas on election day. Click here to know more.


Bracken Ridge Ward

FRY, KathrynGreens
PALMER, CathLabor
LANDERS, Sandy*Liberal

Calamvale Ward

MARTIN, JamesLabour
MIRA, JosieGreens
OWEN, Angela*Liberal

Central Ward

HOWARD, Vicki*Liberal
MASSEY, TrinaGreens
JABOUR, JudiLabor

Chandler Ward

MOSS, StephGreens
MURPHY, Ryan*Liberal
O’NEILL, PennyLabor

Coorparoo Ward

CAMPBELL, MatthewLabor
DILLON, SallyGreens
CUNNINGHAM, Fiona*Liberal

Deagon Ward

CASSIDY, Jared*Labor
MOLONEY, KathyMotorists
WALSH, AnthonyGreens
WASHINGTON, KimberleyLiberal

Doboy Ward

ATWOOD, Lisa*Liberal

Enoggera Ward

ACKERMAN, Ell-LeighIndependent
BUSH, JontyLabor
PERISSINOTTO, Kristin Independent
WINES, Andrew*Liberal
WHITEMAN, Craig Independent

Forest Lake Ward

Candidate Party
HOOPER, RogerLiberal
MULKEARNS, JennyGreens
STRUNK, Charles*Labor

Hamilton Ward

Candidate Party
BERTRAM, MirandaGreens
MALZARD, LeahLabor
MCLACHLAN, David*Liberal

Holland Park Ward

Candidate Party
ADAMS, Krista*Liberal
AUGUSTON, KarleighLabor
GAMBLE, JennyGreens

Jamboree Ward

Candidate Party
HOPPE, RachelLabor
HUTTON, SarahLiberal
MCKIE, ThomasGreens

MacGregor Ward

Candidate Party
HUANG, Steven*Liberal

Marchant Ward

Candidate Party
HAMMOND, Fiona*Liberal
LYNCH, SusanLabor
MEYER, JohnGreens

McDowall Ward

DAVIS, Tracy*Liberal
SANDERSON, JoshuaGreens

Moorooka Ward

Candidate Party
CRAZE, WarrenLiberal
GARTON, ClaireGreens
GILLESPIE, BrettIndependent
GRIFFITHS, Steve*Labor

Morningside Ward

Candidate Party
MOORE, Toby*Liberal
KUELSEN, RolfGreens
COOK, KaraLabor

Northgate Ward

Candidate Party
ALLAN, Adam*Liberal
NEIL, RegLabor
DAVIES, JimGreens

Paddington Ward

BURNS, DonnaGreens
MATIC, Peter*Liberal
EELKEMA, JeffLabor

Pullenvale Ward

ADERMANN, GregLiberal
DRUCKMANN, CharlesGreens
MARK, JordanLabor
RICHARDS, Kate*Independent

Runcorn Ward

Candidate Party
GORDON, NicolaGreens
MARX, Kim*Liberal

Tennyson Ward

Candidate Party
JOHNSTON, Nicole*Independent
O’BRIEN, PatsyGreens
SCHNEIDER, JackieLabor
LANE, MauriceLiberal
PROUT, DarrylAnimal Justice

Gabba Ward

Candidate Party
GALLAGHER, RachelLabor
JONES, NathanielLiberal
SRI, Jonathan*Greens

Gap Ward

Candidate Party
BEVIS, DanielLabor
HALEY, RebeccaGreens
HASSALL, AllenIndependent
TOOMEY, Steven*Liberal

Walter Taylor Ward

Candidate Party
ANTONIOLLI, MattIndependent
MACKAY, James*Liberal
RAGHWAN, KarthikaLabor
SARGENT, MichaelaGreens

Wynnum Manly Ward

AUSTIN, KenGreens
PICCARDI, MeganLiberal
CUMMING, Peter*Labor

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