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Schools will move to student-free days

Student carrying their books.

By Juliano Oliveira

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced on Twitter that Queensland schools will move to student-free days next week (30/3).

“Schools will remain open until the end of term on April 3, to allow for the children of essential workers to remain at school and for teachers to prepare to move to remote learning from home.”

“This is not a normal school break and it’s not a holiday. It is vital that parents take responsibility for their children during this time,” she said.

“We will be asking frontline workers to go above and beyond their normal work situations to help us get through this.  That’s not only frontline health professionals and police but people who undertake important work in our supply chain like stacking shelves in supermarkets.

“School will still be open for the children of these workers.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said teachers, teacher aides and staff would use the reduced attendance at schools to prepare for a potential move to students learning from home.

“We are planning for every eventuality when it comes to this global pandemic,” Ms Grace said.

“Currently we have two weeks’ worth of learning available to students to use at home and that will be constantly updated for as long as necessary.

“These student-free days will allow our hard-working teachers and teacher aides to prepare for that.

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