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Schools to remain open to children of essential workers


By Aline Rodrigues

Queensland schools will open for term two, on April 20th, for vulnerable students and the children of essential workers, announced Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

In the meantime, other students will be taught from home via remote learning on line for at least the first five weeks of the term.

These measures will be in place for at least the first five weeks of term two, with authorities to reassess the situation by May 15th.

School staff, unless they are vulnerable due to medical conditions, will continue to teach from the classroom to ensure continuity of learning for students.

According to The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, this has not been an easy decision to work through.  “We’re living in extraordinary times, and we’ve got to do the right thing by everyone”.

This decision provides mums and dads with the clarity they need ahead of the new school term. “It also gives certainty for our hard-working teachers who will be continuing to deliver lessons in a way they might never have imagined”.

“My understanding is that the majority of people are actually very comfortable with this position that Minister Grace and I have arrived at”, said the Premier.

Education Minister Grace Grace said schools and teachers will continue to be the primary point of contact for students learning from home. She also said the government was working with schools and vendors to supply devices and internet connectivity for schools and students where required.

Schools are being encouraged to loan devices like laptops or tablets to students who may not have access to them at home. “We want to make sure that students aren’t disadvantaged,” she explained.

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