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Save money with petrol at low priced retailers


By Juliano Oliveira

Brisbane drivers could have saved up to $229 with petrol in 2018, shows a report published by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). The material shines a light on the importance of checking prices on websites and apps before fuelling in retail sites.

The data reveals that independent chains were the lowest priced retailers in that year. The best prices were offered by United at 4.8 costs per litre below the market average price of 144.2 costs per litre, whereas Coles Express had the most expensive service, at 4.0 cost per litre above the market average price.

The best cost-benefit found by motorists in 2018 was at United, Puma Energy, 7-Eleven, Woolworths, Freedom Fuels and the small independents’ category was below the market average price. Coles Express, BP Prasad, BP COCO and Caltex COCO worked with prices above the market average.

“Motorists who want to save money on petrol should use fuel price apps and websites”, said the ACCC Chair Rod Sims. “Consumers do not only benefit from the lower prices they find using these apps, but they also help reward retailers who actively compete on price.”

Fuel price websites and apps that provide information to drivers about petrol prices, such as PetrolSpy Australia, MotorMouth, and apps operated by GasBuddy, the NRMA and RACQ, 7-Eleven and Woolworths are the best options for the customers.

“It is also important to note that while a particular retailer may have an annual (or monthly) average price above the market average price, it does not necessarily mean they have higher prices at all times. For example, while a retailer may have a higher price than the market average over a year, at any point in time its price may be below the market average price”.

The ACCC analysed monthly and annual average retail petrol prices in 2018 to identify the highest and lowest priced major retailers of petrol (on average) in each of the eight capital cities in Australia.

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