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Restrictions may be changed in three weeks


By Juliano Oliveira

Restrictions imposed by the Federal Government in response to COVID-19 crisis may suffer changes in three weeks, has said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“We are in three weeks as I said, we will be moving on the baseline restrictions after considering this further information from the health advisers and states also are already moving where they have gone beyond the baseline restrictions in scaling that back already and we expect to see more of that in the weeks ahead,” said the PM.

However, Mr Morrisson highlighted Australians to not get complacent., while the numbers are good for the country compared to other nations.

“We are on the road back and that is demonstrated by the measures that we already have taken and we are on the way back to a COVID-safe economy as well, which is what we have to achieve.”

“States are moving on schools and I welcome that very much. The schools changes are a very important step in how we reopen our economy going forward and, most importantly, to ensure that children are getting the best possible education.”

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