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Restrictions are not far away to be eased, says PM


By Juliano Oliveira

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flagged that the restrictions in force due to COVID-19 are not far away to be eased.

He mentioned what has already been done in some states as an example of the first steps to return to previous normality.

“…And it is important to understand that on the road back, when we get to that COVID safe environment, where we can ease those restrictions, which is not too far away, and you’re already seeing that happen with many of the States and Territories – as I said they would over this interim period before we get together in the week beginning the 11th of May and consider the baseline restrictions.”

“States are already moving back from where they were ahead of those baselines and you have seen those announcements, whether it is in New South Wales or Western Australia or other places.”

The PM once again highlighted the importance of downloading the COVIDSafe app.

“Now, I can report that 2.8 million downloads and registrations that have taken place already for the app and I thank those Australians for doing just that. I would ask for millions and millions and millions more to do the same thing. This is an important protection for a COVID safe Australia.”


“I can also note that more than 800,000 JobSeeker claims have now been processed. That number will be well in advance of that by the end of today. It was just over 790,000 last night. And also earlier this week, the $550 JobSeeker supplement is now being paid and that is rolling out over the course of this week,” said Mr Morrison.

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