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Refund for damaged money in bushfires

all the Australian dollar bills

By Juliano Oliveira

The RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) is calling on Australians who have any cash damaged in the bushfires to make claims for reimbursement.

Before going to the bank or another authorised deposit-taking institution, customers are been oriented to collect all the banknote remains, and place it into a plastic bag labelled as ‘bushfire’. It is up to the institution to decide the value of the compensation.

“Incomplete banknotes may be assessed on the spot using grids provided by the Reserve Bank to calculate the value. Badly damaged and contaminated banknotes need to be forwarded to the Reserve Bank’s National Banknote Site,” says the RBA.

If the cash was in a tin, drawer or wallet, for example, it might be easier to include the receptacle and its contents in the bag.

“In order to streamline the process, we ask those submitting a claim to complete the accompanying form in as much detail as possible and write ‘bushfire’ in the damage reason field.”

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