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Queensland will not loosen measures of social distance


By Juliano Oliveira

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ruled out any possibility of momentarily loosening social distance measures in Queensland.

Internally, the Federal Government is considering taking steps to ease social-isolation restrictions and slowly expose Australians to COVID-19, according to an exclusive article published yesterday (8) by The Australian.

“We must comply with the laws to make sure our loved ones don’t die,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“I have to be very stark about this. The initial modelling was that if we didn’t flatten the curve, over 30,000 Queenslanders could have lost their lives.

“So we all have to work at this together and everyone is doing a terrific job, with today’s figures showing nine new cases and 345 recovered.”

The Premier has also urged anyone thinking about going to travel on Easter holiday, to not go.

“Easter this year is not the time for a holiday trip. Now is the time to stay in your suburb.”

Queensland has registered 9 news cases of COVID-19, totalizing 943. Currently, there are 593 active cases; 345 recovered patients and 5 deaths.

Most cases are patients who went overseas or contacted a patient who went overseas. The Chief Health Officer has ordered more testing for community transmission.

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