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Part of M1 motorway will be duplicated


The Queensland government is going to duplicate part of M1 motorway in an attempt to unburden the traffic in the highway. The second M1, as called by the state, will be set up on the east side, between Coomera and Nerang.

Next month, the government will roll out the consultation on its plans for stage one of the Coomera Connector. The administration had been collecting data and population projections over the area which, according to the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, were decisive for staging the project.

“Traffic counts done earlier this year showed 210,000 vehicles travel on the M1 between Coomera and Nerang every day,” Ms Palaszczuk said. “Current TMR estimates tell us constructing the southern section as stage one would take up to 60,000 vehicles a day off the M1 at the Coomera River.”

Main outcome expected by the government with this project, the northern section of the Coomera Connector, between Loganholme and Coomera, would have its car traffic softened. This is what Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey predicts.

“Staging the works will give the project team more time to investigate potential alternative routes for the northern section, to take into account local environmental concerns,” he said. “TMR will also work with the community, the Queensland Government’s Koala Advisory Council, other volunteer groups and government environmental agencies to develop a Coomera Connector environmental management plan”.

The 45-kilometre Coomera Connector corridor between Loganholme and Nerang was formally confirmed in the Queensland Government Gazette on 15 March 2019.  Community consultation on the Coomera Connector is set to commence next month.

The corridor is wide enough for up to 6 traffic lanes and is expected to include facilities for public transport and paths for walking and bike riding. The prioritised southern section will run from Nerang Broadbeach Road at Nerang, to Foxwell Road at Coomera.

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