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Nine out of 10 Queenslanders are staying home


By Juliano Oliveira

Nine out of 10 Queenslanders are complying and staying home as required by the authorities as specialists still researching for a vaccine against COVID-19.

Data disclosed by the State Government shows that 93% of individuals are following the isolation rules previously defined by the Health Department.

“The vast majority of Queenslanders under quarantine are doing the right thing and staying at home,” Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said.

“It’s great to see 93% playing by the rules, but we want to get that up to 100%.

“There are currently around 3,500 Queenslanders under quarantine or self-isolation, and they hold the fate of 5 million fellow Queenslanders in their hands.

“We need them to stay at home – and not to go to the shops, not leave home for exercise, not have visitors around.

“You’re not being asked to stay home for the rest of your life, just 14 days.

“Anyone who thinks they can flagrantly disregard the rules and get away with it can think again.

“If you break quarantine, even if you just take the dog out for a walk, you’ll be automatically fined $1,334 – and in some cases, you can be fined up to $13,345.”

Minister for Health and Ambulance Service Steven Miles said the contact tracing is essential in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

“500 staff from across Queensland’s public service have been identified to be mobilised if required to support the Public Health Units with Contact Tracing.

“The staff will begin online training next week.

“If a surge of cases happens, we have more staff ready to go.

“They’ll be tracing coronavirus cases and getting in touch with people who have come into contact with a known coronavirus case because we know that this saves lives.

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