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New grants for first home buyers, drivers and artists


By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland Government’s economic recovery plan had its second phase announced (16) by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“Now, in this second phase of the strategy, we’re announcing further measures for small business, for tradies, for farmers, for first home buyers, for seniors, for cabbies, for the tourism industry, and for artists and musicians,” the MP said.

Queenslanders buying their first house will be eligible to $15,000 grant as long as the new home is valued at less than $750,000. The government will also provide an additional $5,000 grant for people building a new home in a regional location.

Around 2,000 seniors and people with disability will be granted with additional subsidies of up to $5,000 for house repairs and maintenance as part of Seniors and Accessibility Renovations Grants program.

Additionally, the government has committed to a further $100M Housing Construction Works for Tradies program – with new social housing to be built across Queensland.


Aiming to push the tourism industry within the state, Ms Palaszczuk has committed $15M to airline route support.

The government reserved $8.93M to expand jobs based on infrastructure upgrades and enhancements to re-energise nature-based tourism.

“To combat the pandemic, we have committed more than $6 billion in support packages, and, last month, the release of our Economic Recovery Strategy set out a plan to kick start the economy and get Queenslanders back to work.”


An additional $23 million to support the state’s taxi and limousine operators.

“There are more than 3,200 taxi licences and 500 limousine licences across Queensland, representing thousands of small businesses, mums and dads who need our support.”

The $23 million stimulus package includes:

  • One-off payments of $3,500 per vehicle to taxi and limousine operators
  • One-off payments of $1,000 per licence to taxi and limousine licence holders
  • One-off payments of $1,500 to authorised booking entities for each affiliated taxi/limousine, capped at 1,000 vehicles and for entities that provide booking services predominantly for taxis and/or limousines
  • One-off incentive payments of an additional $1,000 per vehicle for Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WATs) operators

Arts and Tafe

A $22.5 million package will be destined to support the recovery of the arts and culture sector.  This includes $11.3 million to offset revenue losses in music and performing arts venues.

More than $1.17 million in construction projects will revitalise regional TAFE campuses.

Campus upgrades include:

  • Bohle TAFE is getting a new $375,000 Maker Space Innovation Hub to provide education and training areas in advancing technology.
  • Bowen TAFE will receive $200,000 to establish a student-industry collaborative learning centre to support community and healthcare training and high-end manufacturing activities. 
  • Burdekin TAFE will see a new $350,000 student-industry collaborative learning centre to support community services and early childhood education and training to ensure the provision of high standard personal care services. 
  • Cannonvale TAFE will build a $250,000 student-industry collaborative learning centre to support major tourism and community and health care training and high-end manufacturing activities. 

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