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International students will get support in QLD


By Juliano Oliveira

International students in Queensland will be offered tuition support, laptops, isolation care-packs, pre-prepared meals and other living expense payments. 

Queensland Government has also announced that, as of today, a homegrown counselling service will be available to students aged over 18.

All the guide will be given through a digital platform in which students will touch bases with case workers who will offer mental health, visa and crisis accommodation assistance. 

Ministerial Champion for International Education and Training Kate Jones said the Online Student Hub was part of $2.2 million in funding allocated to support students today.

“This industry is a huge employer in Queensland – supporting more than 20,000 people throughout the state,” Ms Jones said.

“We must take care of struggling students. If we don’t, operators throughout the state could lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

“University, TAFE and college students are juggling a range of challenges including loss of work, separation from friends and family and severe anxiety. This online tool will put these students in contact with professionals who can help them.

Multicultural Australia will provide online counselling resources. Students in demonstrated financial hardship may also be referred to GIVIT for emergency assistance. 

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