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International Guru Dudu Silent Disco


By Jacqueline Cowan

This magical dance tour brings play, love, and laughter through private audioscape that all participants share boogying down around Brisbane City. Guru Dudu provides uplifting dance music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s mixed in within nothing but fun and cheeky commentary.

The tours are all about spontaneous ‘flash-mob’ dancing, interpretive dancing and singing around local landmarks, keeping fit, community connective and re-imagining Brisbane’s well-known streets. The tours are a new and out of the ordinary way to unwind on a Friday evening post hectic workweek.

Brisbane Guru Dudu Silent Disco Walking Tours caters to all ages and demographics and highly encourages diversity. Guru Dudu aims to create a conductive atmosphere where people can not only feel free but let go of all of their inhibitions. Brisbane’s tours are conducted by the cheeky, absurd clowning and naturally charming Dani Disco who takes the crown for his sold-out audiences and being a crowd favourite.

Information and ticket purchases can be found on the official page of the event on Facebook.

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