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How’s the nightlife in a bar during COVID-19 pandemic


By April Murphy

After almost four months of being closed, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Brooklyn Standard on Eagle Lane Brisbane City has finally opened it’s doors again.

The club is following government restrictions to a tee. They have limited the number of patrons allowed inside at one time, tables are set 1.5m apart and there is sanitiser on every table. While things are different from what they used to be, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

On Friday the 17th of July, local band “Fifth Avenue” with guest drummer Danny Murphy, rocked the house. The band had the crowd clapping and cheering from their chairs as COVID-19 restrictions meant that the dance floor was closed. However, it did not stop the clients from having a ball and singing along to their favourite songs.

“Fifth Avenue” has performed with both national and international acts on several occasions including as Thelma Houston (USA), Renee Geyer, Glenn Shorrock, Doug Parkinson and have also supported on different occasions.

“It felt a bit strange not having a crowd on the dance floor but funny enough the atmosphere was still awesome,” says drummer Danny Murphy.

Security stood at the front door and only allowed patrons to enter when other’s left. The vibe inside was worth the wait with live music and no line up at the bar. “We are so glad to be open again. Four months of not working was really tough,” says bartender Kate.

Unfortunately, due to the financial loss of being closed during the pandemic, the club can no longer currently afford to pay for large bands to play on the weekend. However, live entertainment will still be available with the club booking duo and solo artists, for the future.

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