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Help offered to improve your skillset during COVID-19


By April Murphy

COVID-19 has the ability to be detrimental physically, mentally, and financially. Queensland residents, small businesses and organisations are working together to fight the impact of the crisis.

The University of Southern Queensland has joined the fight against the pandemic and is now offering mini-courses, for free.

“Upskill is the accumulation of five mini-courses that assist in building an individual’s skill set. In changing times one way of shoring up our futures is to build our skills; the more skills we have, the more prepared we are for the changing world,” says Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie.

Each course involves 40 hours of learning that can be performed at the student’s own pace, over four weeks.

Upon completion, the student will receive a digital badge and the completed course can contribute towards university credits. The mini-courses are the University’s way of supporting the community during the current isolation.

“The courses are flexible, can be done at an individual’s own pace, and are a chance to develop new skills for the changing workforce. They also offer an opportunity to see if they are ready for further study” says Professor Mackenzie.

The courses are now open for enrolment and study commences on May 11. There is a total of 30 mini-courses on offer, 5 of which are free.

If you have an interest and wish to enrol in the mini-courses that incur a fee, the University has also offered a discount to community members. If you register and pay for 3 courses, you will receive 1 for free. 

USQ UpSkill courses being offered for free include:

•         Cybersecurity for non-IT professionals

•         Creativity in Entrepreneurship

•         The Ethical Leadership Path

•         Planning for moving people

•         Campaigning for Change

Information on the university website states that all courses are fully online and facilitated by USQ academics. The free offer is open for six months, which also includes intakes starting July 20 and September 21.


TAFE Queensland is also offering short courses to assist residents during the pandemic.

On the TAFE Queensland website, you can find out everything you need about their micro-credentials.

The courses are aimed to help you improve or acquire a specific skill. All the courses are delivered online and can take about an hour. Some examples of the courses that TAFE Queensland is offering are: 

  • Digital Literacy Essentials
  • Cyber Security Essentials
  • Communication Technologies for Business Success

To find more out about the USQ Upskill initiative go to their website

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