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Have your say: measures to recover the local economy


By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland Government has announced that will work on saving $3 billion without cutting frontline services, sacking public servants or selling assets.

Treasurer Cameron Dick said the energies of the State are now turned to the job creation, infrastructure, and frontline services.

“While we continue to Unite and Recover to take the necessary steps to limit the risk of virus transmission, we are also delivering our plan to get our economy back up and running and ensure more Queenslanders get back to work,” he said.

“That’s why I am announcing a range of savings measures that will aim to prioritise functions and, together with the public service wage freeze, enable a savings target of $3 billion over four years.”

Among the measures outlined, the government predicts to keep public service positions at 1 July 2020 levels (excluding frontline services) for 12 months. In addition, internal recruitment only to fill non-frontline roles for 12 months. The Treasurer also stated that Queensland wants to allow more public servants to work closer to home.

There is still the reduction of external consultancies and contractors by the government, and cease the production of marketing materials except for critical administration activities.

Mr Dick also highlighted that are in-process measures that will simplify or remove a number of current planning approvals, including business tenancy changes or when a business is starting up or relocating to a different location.

“The changes we’re proposing in response to the ongoing COVID pandemic are designed to ease the economic burden for businesses across our state,” Mr Dick said.


Have your say on the Queensland Government’s proposed planning red tape reduction measures:

The consultation period will run until Friday 7 August.

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