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Five years helping kids in Ipswich community


By Genevieve Waldie

The Ipswich ACT for Kids centre has turned five busy years serving the local community.

With a staff of just four members, the centre has supported 98 children and young people since opening and, currently, have 35 families from across the greater Ipswich area enrolled in their family support programs.

ACT for Kids has 26 centres nationally and their mission is simple and unwavering; that all kids have a safe and happy childhood free from abuse and neglect. 

The team leader of the Ipswich Integrated Therapy Centre, Bianca Heaphy explain how the work is done at the ACT.

“We help families, children and young people to feel understood, accepted and validated.”  

“We educate children and young people on personal safety skills and learning the warning signs to feeling unsafe.”

Act for Kids Ipswich integrated family services provide a multidisciplinary approach of psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy, offering children and families comprehensive support assistance. 

“Our integrated team help children who have experienced [or at risk of] abuse and/or neglect develop skills that most children take for granted, skills such as making friends, regulating emotions, reading and comprehension, and how to eat with utensils.” 

“Being able to provide an integrated therapeutic service (of psychology, occupational therapy & speech therapy services) in Ipswich enables our families to attend one service in lieu of three separate services –  this is a huge win for families who live vast distances away from the area where there are little or no services available to them.”

Ipswich ACT for Kids is supported by the local community and businesses.

“We are passionate about our service in the community and thank our wonderful donors who sponsor our service, because, without their donations, we would be unable to provide this service to our most vulnerable children and families.”

To get involved or support ACT for Kids access their official website.

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