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Fairfield Station gets 3D braille model


By Juliano Oliveira

A 3D tactile model featuring future upgrades at Fairfield Station has allowed impaired-vision residents to assess the work done through Cross River Rail project.

The inclusive design made of braille contains explanations of the new elements that will compose parts of the station. Another six locations, from Fairfield to Salisbury, will also undergo accessibility revamps.

Braille House and its tactile model designed and created by Frank Tunley in the 1960s served as inspiration for CRR project.

Sally Balwin, Braille House General Manager, said the blindness and low vision members opinion in the Brisbane community is vital for major infrastructure projects.

“We’re pleased to have worked with Cross River Rail on the Fairfield Station concept design tactile model. Train stations can be a challenge for people using a cane or a guide dog to navigate, and it can impact their ability to access public transport,” said Ms Balwin.

Wendy Sara, Production Manager at Braille House, who assisted with the design of the model says that it will make people confident in navigating the upgraded Fairfield station once completed.

“As a blind person, it’s important to be included in the consultation and to be given the opportunity to explore by touch the changes to be made to the upgraded station,” said Ms Sara.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads, also share the project on his Facebook.

“Navigating train stations can be difficult for people with limited or no sight and developments such as this model will make public transport more accessible for more people.”

The 3D tactile model of the upgraded Fairfield station is available for members of vision-impaired organisations and community groups, invited by Braille House and Link Vision to experience the tactile model.

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