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Elective surgeries will recommence from 27 April


By Juliano Oliveira

Procedures as endoscopy and colonoscopy, breast reconstruction, cataract surgery and joint replacements will be reintroduced from 27 April.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that elective surgeries and procedures will recommence across the public and private hospital sectors.

IVF, screening programs (cancer and other diseases), procedures for children under 18 years of age, post cancer reconstruction procedures, dental procedures, and joint replacements (incl knees, hips, shoulders) are also considered elective.

Easing the restrictions was possible after the National Cabinet confirmed the stock of PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) and ventilators is sufficient “to meet expected demand for Australia’s COVID19 response through to December 2020.”

“To date, the National Medical Stockpile has dispatched over 22 million masks primarily to state and territories, GP’s, Community Pharmacy, ACHHOS and aged care, with a further 11.5 million being dispatched this week.”

According to the Federal Government, these arrangements will be reviewed by 11 May 2020, to determine if other elective surgeries and procedures can recommence and volumes increased.

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