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Council to improve safety on Ipswich Road


By April Murphy

Earlier this year, Councillor Steve Griffiths, from the Moorooka Ward, and Councillor Nicole Johnston, from the Tennyson Ward, launched a petition with Brisbane City Council warning about the dangerous conditions on Ipswich Road.

The Councillors have stated that the public administration inaction on this matter has seen unnecessary deaths, significant injuries, traffic congestion and a lack of amenity for local residents who must use the road and its feeder streets.

It would seem that the petition has been successful in gaining the attention of the Council. The administration has released a statement outlining their plan to improve pedestrian safety at the Intersection at Ipswich Road and Dudley Street, in Annerley.

Council has made this decision based on their “Move Safe Brisbane Citywide Pedestrian Review” which was undertaken on Ipswich Road. Cr Griffiths is due to notify residents of Annerley on the specifics of the review.

The councillor’s letter will bring:

  • Vehicles were queuing through the intersection on Ipswich Road and Dudley Street, at peak periods which resulted in vehicles having to drive through the pedestrian crossing phase to clear the intersection.
  • The report recommended that a Yellow Box Treatment be installed at the intersection. A Yellow Box Treatment is a pavement marking consisting of a marked yellow box around the extents of the intersection, with a single cross-connecting the corners.
  • An image of the proposed works

“I appreciate the importance and the significance of effective safety measures for all road users and pedestrians and expect that this initiative will address the concerns of local residents who have contacted my office,” Cr Griffiths says.

The Yellow Box Treatment is due to be completed by the end of September 2020.

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