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Children’s book explains Australia’s voting system


By Julia Contrucci

The student’s desire to elect a new class representative to introduce some much-needed change to its Mount Mayhem Public School.

The plot of Vote 4 Me, the children’s book written by author and electoral educator Krys Saclier, with illustrations by political cartoonist Cathy Wilcox, makes preferential voting made easily understandable.

Out in August, the book illustrates the idea of democracy through a familiar setting with characters that kids will recognise from their own school. Author Krys Saclier believes the proximity of the US election is a chance to open dialogue about politics with children.  

“While the next Australian Federal Election isn’t until 2022, the US election is just around the corner and soon politics will be all over the news, is a great opportunity for teachers, parents and librarians across the country to talk to their kids about the Australian voting system (specifically preferential voting). This is also perfect for any student learning Civics & Citizenship at school”, said Saclier.

Ged Kearney, a member of the House of Representatives, stated the content to be the “perfect information for future voters and a must-have for the Australian classroom”. 

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