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Aged care homes urged to allow family visits in QLD

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By Juliano Oliveira

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has urged aged care homes in Queensland to put an end on the lockdowns and allow families to see their loved ones.

“There is no need for aged care homes to be in lockdown. Families should be able to visit their loved ones,” she says.

“I am actually shocked that there are many people saying to me they can’t even go and visit their mother or their father or their aunt or their uncle.

“I am also hearing that aged cares are not allowing residents to even move out of the room. There is no need for this practice to happen.”

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says human involvement is important.

“People who live in aged care facilities have only their families. I really hope they [aged care] take on board the advice.

Ms Young also said that the outbreaks that have occurred in aged care homes were caused by staff and residents, not visitors.

“We haven’t seen outbreaks when someone is visiting because people know what they should or should not be doing. If you are unwell don’t visit, but if you are well, it is important to go visit and talk to your relative on regular bases.”

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