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$2 billion for the families hit by the fires

The sky filled with smoke from a bush fire.

By Juliano Oliveira

The Federal Government has announced a new bushfire recovery fund worth of $2 billion. The money will be directed to the support of the families, farmers and business owners hit by this unprecedented catastrophe.

“While the immediate focus for our emergency services and the Australian Defence Force is keeping people safe and defending against the fires hitting so many areas, we also need to be ready to hit the ground in communities where the fire-front has passed to help them rebuild,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison posted on his Twitter account.

“The $2 billion we’ve committed is in addition to the Government’s emergency and disaster payments, and the financial support for volunteer firefighters. People affected by the bushfires can claim disaster payments by calling 180 22 66,” he said.

In Canberra, according to the ABC, Mr Morrison also confirmed 20 Services Australia “pop-ups” would be deployed to affected communities to provide help.

“What we are focusing on here is the human cost and the rebuilding cost for people’s lives,” Mr Morrison said.

“We’re focused on the financial cost, we’re focused on the human costs and ensuring we can do everything we can, as quickly as we can, to support that recovery effort.”

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