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Wednesday - 24 Hour Programme Guide

12 am BBC Newshour

1 am BBC News Bulletin

1.06 Outlook

2 am BBC OS

3am News Bulletin

3.06 The Forum

3.50 Sporting Witness

4 am The Newsroom - News bulletin followed by more detail

4.30 Sport Today

5 am BBC News Bulletin

5.06 World Hacks

5.30 Click - Ends our Overnight BBC broadcast

6 am Today's Programmes and Weather - what's on 4RPH and weather forecast

6.10 Newscast: Courier Mail and The Australian - news in depth from the newspapers

7 am Lookaround / From The Book Jacket / Access All Areas / The Voice

7.15 General Notices - death and funeral notices from Courier mail

7.30 Newscast: Courier Mail and The Australian - news in depth from the newspapers

8 am BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

8.06 Global Perspectives - world current affairs / The Monthly - from the popular magazine

9 am The Morning Paper - newspaper horoscopes, TV guide, features

9.50 Brenda's Hints - Some great Kitchen and General information

10 am The Morning Paper Editorials, Letters to the Editor

10.30 Movement to Music - gentle exercise programme set to music

10.35 The Morning Paper - obituaries, arts, news, sport

11 am Artist Of The Week - the life and music of a selected artist/group

11.10 Community Billboard - community service announcements

11.20 The Morning paper - Opinion and Commentary pages

12 noon BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

12.06 Leading The Way - religion with Dr. Michael Youssef

12.30 Insight For Living - religion with Pastor Chuck Swindoll

1 pm The Australian Financial Review - readings from the newspaper

1.28 Stock Market Report - indices, currencies, ten stocks

1.30 What's Cookin' / In Stella's Kitchen (replay) - delicious recipies from around the world

1.45 Short Story - a single short story or a serialised bookreading

2 pm Suburban Roundup - Westside News and South West News

2.30 Geographica / Golden Generation - magazine readings

3 pm Now and Then - stories from Great Britain's past and present

3.30 Health Smart (replay) - information from various natural health magazines

3.45 Aviation Digest - articles on aircraft and flying from various publications.

4 pm The Australian Women's Weekly - articles from the popular magazine

4.30 Australian Voices - Australian literature on a variety of themes and topics

5 pm BBC News Bulletin

5.06 The Sports Page - newspapers

5.30 Bookreading - unabridged serialised book

6 pm Thursdays programmes on 4RPH and official weather report

6.05 That's Life (Replay) / Take Five (Replay) - articles and issues for female listeners

6.35 Open Art - what's on this week in theatre, art galleries, and etc

7 pm Living Planet - magazine - development and environment issues

7.30 Queensland Storyteller - single short story

7.45 Poetic Reflections (replay) - poetry readings

8 pm Heritage - Australian history, looking at the past

8.30 Grace To You - Bible study, with Dr John MacArthur

9 pm Late Night Story - unabridged serialised bookreading

9.30 Insight For Living - replay from 12.30pm

10 pm The Newsroom - Starts our BBC World Service Overnight Broadcast

10.30 The Compass

11 pm News Bulletin

11.06 Hardtalk

11.30 Click


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