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Sunday - 24 Hour Programme Guide

12 am BBC News Bulletin

12.06 Sportsworld - live commentary on Football, Tennis, Cricket

1 am BBC News Bulletin

1.06 Sportsworld - live commentary on Football, Tennis, Cricket

2 am BBC News Bulletin

2.06 Sportsworld - live commentary on Football, Tennis, Cricket

3 am The Newsroom - News Bulletin, followed by more detail

3.30 Trending

3.50 Over To You

4 am BBC Newsroom

4.06 The World This Week

4.30 The Wednesday Documentary

5 am BBC News Bulletin

5.06 The Forum

5.50 50 Things

6 am Newshour - In-depth Comment, Analysis of significant news events

7 am BBC News Bulletin

7.06 From Our Own Correspondent

7.30 Boston Calling

8 am The Newsroom

8.06 Sports news

8.30 In The Balance / Global Business - ends our BBC World Service Overnight broadcast 

9 am The Hour of Power - religion with Bobby Schuller

10 am Newscast: The Sunday Mail - news in depth from The Sunday Mail

11 am Get Together (Replay) - light articles from popular magazines

11.30 Sunday Southeast - lighter news items from the Sunday Mail

12 noon BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

12.06 Leading The Way - Christian religion with Dr Michael Youssef

12.30 Sentimental Journey (replay) - musical hits from the 20s to the 70s

1 30 The Weekly Bible Lesson - reading from The Bible, and Science and Health

2 pm The Afternoon Paper - Light reading from The Sunday Mail magazines, TV Guide

4 pm Downunder (replay) - Tales from the heart and soul of Australia

4.30 Golden Generation (replay) / Mindfood

5 pm BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

5.15 Messages Of Hope - Christian religion with Pastor Richard Fox

5.30 Christian Science Sentinel - testimonies of Christian healing

6 pm Mondays Programmes on 4RPH and latest Weather Report

6.05 Time - articles from the magazine

6.33 Asia Times - articles from the online newspaper

7 pm Now and Then (replay) - stories of Great Britain's past and present

7.30pm The Weekly Telegraph (replay) - Britain's Expat Global News online, News Edition

8 pm Christianityworks - with Berni Dymet

8.30 Magazine Digest - Believe It Or Not - unusual facts / Force Ten - sailing stories

9 pm Vintage Radio Show - Drama and Comedy from the Golden Days of Australian Radio

10 pm BBC Newshour - Starts our BBC Overnight broadcast

11 pm BBC News Bulletin

11.06 The Weekend Documentary


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