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Subject Guide

This is a list of 4RPH programs that can be sorted by Program Name or by Subject by simply clicking on the appropriate column header. You can filter the list by typing all or part of a word in the Filter field. For example, type 'Tuesday' in the Filter field and the list will show only those items containing the word Tuesday.

Program Name Scheduled Time Subject
Poetic Reflections Tuesday 1.30 pm and Wednesday 7.45pm Arts and Info
Open Art Wednesday 6.35 pm Arts and Info
Talking Pictures Thursday 3.30 pm and Saturday 7pm Arts and Info
Writers' Radio Thursday 2.30pm Arts and Info
Afternoon Monday - Friday 5.30 pm Book Readings
Short Story Monday to Friday 1.45pm Book Readings
Late Night Monday to Friday 9 pm Book Readings
Science Fiction Saturday 9 pm and 9.30 pm Book Readings
Storyland - For Children Saturday 7.30 am Book Readings
Talking Vision Monday 2.30pm and Tuesday 7.30pm Disability
New Horizons Thursday 1.30pm and 8pm Disability
Technical Aid To Disabled Monday 6.05pm and Friday 7am Disability
Lookaround / From the Book Jacket / Access All Areas / The Voice Monday 1.30 pm and Wednesday 7 am Disability
The Funny Farm Monday to Friday 4.30 pm Entertainment
Downunder Sunday 4 pm Entertainment
Golden Generation Sunday 4.30 pm Lifestyle and Health
Health Matters Friday 3 pm Lifestyle and Health
Movement to Music Monday - Friday 10.30 am Lifestyle and Health
What's Cookin' Wednesday 1.30 pm Lifestyle and Health
Health Smart Wednesday 3.30 pm Lifestyle and Health
Going Places Thursday 6.30 pm Lifestyle and Health
AsiaTimes Sunday 6.35 pm and Tuesday 8.35 am Magazines
Aviation Digest Thursday 8.15 pm Magazines
The Review Saturday 6.05 pm and Mon 8.06am Magazines
Choice Thursday 3pm and Tue 8pm Magazines
Geographica / Spectator Saturday 7.30 pm Magazines
Get Together Tuesday 3.30pm and Sunday 11am Magazines
Guardian Weekly Tuesday 6.30 pm Magazines
Majesty Thursday 4 pm Magazines
Monitor World Monday 3.30 pm Magazines
Motoring Thursday 7 pm Magazines
New Idea Tuesday 4 pm Magazines
New Scientist Monday 3pm and Saturday 5.30pm Magazines
New Yorker Wednesday 8.06am Magazines
Time Sunday 6pm replayed Tue 8.06am Magazines
Women's Weekly Wednesday 4 pm Magazines
Artist of the Week Monday - Friday 11am Music
Sentimental Journey Friday 7.30 pm and Sunday 12.30 pm Music
Albert and Logan News Friday at 2pm Newspapers
The Australian Monday to Friday at 7.30 and 9 am, and Saturday at Noon and 2 pm Newspapers
The Courier Mail Monday to Saturday at 6.10 am and 9 am, and Saturday 6.10 am and 2 pm Newspapers
Herald Sun Saturday at 9 am Newspapers
North Side Chronicle Thursday at 2 pm Newspapers
North West News Thursday at 2 pm Newspapers
Pine Rivers Press Monday at 2 pm Newspapers
Redcliffe and Bayside Herald Monday at 2 pm Newspapers
Southeast Advertiser Tuesday at 2 pm Newspapers
South West News Wednesday at 2 pm Newspapers
Southern Star Friday at 2 pm Newspapers
The Sunday Mail Sunday at 10 am, 11.30 am and 2 pm Newspapers
Westside News Wednesday at 2 pm Newspapers
Wynnum Herald Tuesday at 2 pm Newspapers
Christianityworks Sunday 8 pm Religion
Christian Science Sentinel Sunday 5.30 pm Religion
Face to Face Sunday 5.15 pm Religion
Grace To You Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm Religion
Hour of Power Sunday 9 am Religion
Insight for Living Monday to Friday 12.30 pm and 9.30 pm Religion
Leading the Way Sunday to Friday 12.06 pm Religion
The Weekly Bible Lesson Sunday 1.30 pm Religion
Aviation Digest Thursday 8.15 pm Special Interest
Computalk Monday 7.30pm and Saturday 4 pm Special Interest
Environment Wednesday 7 pm Special Interest
Motoring Thursday 7 pm Special Interest
Inside/Outside or Galleries and Gardens Saturday 8.30am Special Interest
Science Saturday 8 pm Special Interest
Under the Sun Friday 1.30 pm and Saturday 5.15 pm Special Interest
Gardening Australia Friday 9.50 am and Saturday 5.06 pm Special Interest
Word for Word Thursday 7 am and 6.20 pm Special Interest
Writers' Radio Thursday 2.30 pm Special Interest
Rugby League Wrap-Up Friday 6.05pm (Seasonal) Sport
AFL Sports Review - AFL Friday 6.30 pm (Seasonal) Sport
History Today Saturday 8.30 pm World Perspective
BBC World News Every day at 12am, 1am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 5 am, 8 am, 12 pm, 5 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm World News

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