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Saturday - 24 Hour Programme Guide

12 am BBC Newshour

1 am BBC News Bulletin

1.06 The Fifth Floor - BBC foreign language service

2 am BBC OS

3 am News Bulletin

3.06 Newshour Extra

4 am The Newsroom

4.30 Sport Today

5 am BBC News Bulletin

5.06 Tech Tent

5.30 Crowd Science - ends our overnight BBC broadcast

6 am Today's Programmes and official weather report

6.10 Newscast: Courier Mail - news in depth

7 am Brisbane City Living - what's on in Brisbane, from the City Council

7.15 General Notices - death and funeral, from the Courier Mail

7.30 Storyland for Children - short stories or unabridged serialised bookreading

8 am Junior Journal - short stories, reviews, especially for children

8.30 The Good Weekend - articles from the Sydney Morning Herald magazine (replay)

9 am BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

9.06 Smithsonian, or New Yorker Magazines - reading magazine articles (replay)

9.33 Australian Voices - Australian literature on a variety of themes (replay)

10 am Choice Magazine - independent reviews of consumer goods (replay)

10.30 Science and Environment - reading from Cosmos Magazine (replay)

11 am New Statesman / The Economist / Accent on Asia - cover a wide range of interesting topics (replay)

11.50 Book Review (replay)

12 pm BBC News Bulletin

12.06 Newscast: The Australian - news in depth

1 pm Guardian Australia - readings from the magazine (replay)

1.30 The Weekly Telegraph Magazine - features from the British global newspaper

2 pm The Afternoon Paper - horoscopes, TV guide, features, opinions

4 pm Computalk (replay) - the latest computer news and developments

4.30 Vision Extra - about vision impairment

4.45 Tour Around England (replay) - personal experience, and magazine articles

5 pm BBC News Bulletin - latest news from the World Service

5.06 Gardening Australia (replay) - articles from ABC magazine

5.15 Under the Sun (replay) - archaeology and natural history magazines

5.30 New Scientist (replay) - magazine - latest news from the world of science

6 pm Sunday Programmes and official Weather Report

6.05 The Review - articles from lift-out from Fridays Financial Review

7 pm Talking Pictures (replay) - movie reviews from an enthusiast, free passes

7.30 Geographica (replay) / Spectator Magazine - from Australian Geographic and Spectator magazines

8 pm Spectrum Science - discoveries from the world of science

8.30 Psychology Today - readings from the magazine and from Psychologies Magazine

9 pm Science Fiction Fantasy Hour - bookreadings, two separate stories

10 pm BBC Newshour - starts our World Service Overnight broadcast

11 pm News Bulletin

11.06 BBC Music at the World Service


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